Bike Through Traffic

A campaign by Daniel Lemke

A bicycling trek across America, a total of approximately 12,000 miles, with the goal of raising awareness and monetary funding for sex trafficking victims in the United States. Along the way I (Daniel Lemke) plan to make stops, during those days of rest from the road I will be speaking at various venues on the devastation and epidemic of sex trafficking. The end result, what I would like to see happen in my lifetime, is an eradication of sex trafficking and human slavery on a national and global level. Clearly this is a lofty goal, but I believe with persistence and many small efforts (such as this bike ride) made by individuals as well as groups, sex trafficking will come to an end. We are partnering with local organizations which exists to rescue children around the world from sex trafficking rings.

We need your support to get this off the ground and during the trip as well which is scheduled to start the ride in April 2015. You can get involved, donate funds, share it on your social medias, or come see us if we come to your city. We thank you in advance and we know that the children who's lives we will be saving thank you as well.