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Bring It To Africa

I aim to bring the first ever MMA compound to Africa.

A place where the whole family as well as professional athletes come and train.

I want to build a unique training facility, one which will be surrounded by outside training areas and living quarters. A place where athletes can train and stay during the course of fight camps. Somewhere an athlete can focus 100% on training and getting the body and mind ready to do battle in what ever his/her chosen sport is. HELP ME MAKE THIS GREAT PROJECT BECOME A REALITY.

I believe that with this project we can help a generation. Aswell as a gym the property will have a dedicated area to education. A perfect place for kids to get off the streets and into some books. Sport and education can help change a persons life forever. With this in mind i believe this unique project will be a huge success.

Here at Bringittoafrica we are extremely passionate about what we are trying to achieve. Our long term goal is to be able to open an MMA compound in Africa, comprising of a fully facilitated gym/training area, accommodation for aspiring fighters to stay in whilst training, not forgetting the basic yet highly important fundamentals of the sport by educating fighters on the importance of health, nutrition and everything else In-between that creates a good all round sportsman and that’s just a taster of what we hope to create.

Lots of people are aware that Africa is not the richest of continents and as I myself grew up there in beautiful Zimbabwe I am fully aware that there is a serious lack of outlets for young men and women to express themselves in order to potentially keep them out of trouble and that’s what we hope Bringittoafrica will become to make a difference to the young people all over Africa.