Dallas Tomchei Shabbos

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Dallas Tomchei Shabbos

What is Tomchei Shabbos?

Founded in 2010, Tomchei Shabbos (“Supporters of Shabbat”) of Dallas’ goal is to lovingly and anonymously providing essential Shabbat food to needy Jewish families in our community.

Our vetting process is conducted with the utmost discretion, care and privacy. Recipients are sent credits via email which can be used only for the purchase Kosher food. The food can be ordered online and picked up without anyone knowing that the food has been paid for with Tomchei Shabbos-provided credit. Every part of our process is structured in the spirit of Mattan Beseter, allowing both the donors and donees complete anonymity.

Tomchei Shabbos is entirely supported by the compassion, generosity and financial support of the Dallas Jewish community.

Dallas Tomchei Shabbos Process

Our application process is both simple and discrete. Applicants are asked to fill out our application online. Only one or two members of our vetting team have access to all personally-identifying information in an application, so as to allow Tomchei Shabbos to verify that information. Once information is an application has been vetted, all information which can be used to personally identity applicants is electronically “scrubbed” and replaced with a unique computer-generated number before information is reviewed by other Tomchei Shabbos personnel. Allocation among eligible recipients of funds available for distribution is performed on a monthly basis on the basis of raw, pre-vetted, not-personally-identifiable data (identified by computer-generated number rather than by a name), using a proprietary algorithm developed with the guidance of our Rabbinic advisors. There is no human input in the allocation process. Please see our FAQ for additional information

Tomchei Shabbos of Dallas, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization; tax-exempt number 27-2971156.