Godward Ministries CD Fundraiser For Troubled Youth

A campaign by Djtinymite

Godward Ministries CD Fundraiser For Troubled Youth

ThePulseRadio.Net is a Christian internet radio station in Mobile, Alabama dedicated to organizing, sponsoring and disseminating information on social, cultural and community issues as well as providing the appreciation of the art through outreach, education, community involvement, mentoring, and programming.

Our vision is to reach the world through the power of Gospel music being poured into the lives of people from day to day. The rate of crime within our city reveals a need and hunger for something better, and this ministry targets to for fill that crave of better life. Many parents are praying for their children to develop better morals, instead of crime, premarital sex, gangs, guns, and drugs, this music will aim to help this crowd in a positive manner.

We currently do a bible study every other Tuesday for young men that have a drug and alcohol problem. We are trying to raise funds for printing Christian rap cd's to give them a more positive music to listen to upon graduation from the program. We currently have an album that does cost to continue to print, our goal is let these young men know that JESUS is real and to encourage them to change the type of music that they listen to as music is a powerful tool for ministry.