Island Girl Power

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Island Girl Power was originally founded in the Spring of 2002 by Ayuda Foundation (a 501C-3 Non-Profit Organization) including Carlotta Leon Guerrero, Shannon Murphy, Mike Cruz, Cindy Hansen, and Ayuda Board Members. The Guam Program was partially modeled after a U.S. National Initiative that began in 1998 and ended in 2003. IGP continued on with the local program to work on addressing our increasingly high rates of Teen Pregnancy, Suicide, Substance and Sexual abuse rates. IGP is not a Government program and is funded by Cooperative Mini Grants from Public Health (Rape Prevention), Corporate Sponsors (DFS, Community First Credit Union, Etc.), Foundation Grants (Pacificare), Donations and Fundraising Projects (rummage sales and car washes).

Our sponsors are individuals, organizations and companies that contribute monetary donations, in-kind services or donations of items to be used for clubhouse operations, raffle prizes, rummage sales, or our thrift store.

Island Girl Power is a Youth Prevention and Female Empowerment Program under The Ayuda Foundation, 501 c-3 Non-Profit Organization.