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A campaign by Jenny Churchill
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It is the mission of (My St. Louis Art) to provide creatives of all disciplines in the greater St. Louis area opportunities for self promotion, inspiration, and connection through our free social network and public events.

Who is for?

◾ is a free social networking site dedicated to promoting and inspiring artists of all levels of disciple. We promote and inspire finely trained artists & emerging artists in the greater STL area. does not limit itself to only artists. We are proud to be the home over 2,200 local members, including collectors, galleries, and of course our treasured art supporters.

Make 'friends' with other like minded artists and galleries, befriend an artist whose work inspires you!

◾In making 'friends' with other members on our network you will be given access to invite them to all of your events, CFAs, and groups.

How & what do you post & view on our site? allows free promotion from the comforts of your own workspace!

◾Post and view all events, by clicking our 'EVENTS' tab on our home page, clicking 'Add', and simply fill in the blanks, invite your friends on the network for free promotion. Our administrators will then transfer your event to our 'HOME' page of STL Art Happenings. Click here for help.

◾Post and view all CFAs (Calls For Artists) by clicking our 'STL CALLS FOR ARTISTS' tab on our home page. We have only 3 'featured' at the top of this page. Please click 'CALLS FOR ARTISTS' under categories, of the same page, to find a extensive listing of all area calls for art. Click for here help.

◾Post your own CFA in the similar manner as above, and then send the CFA to artist friends you have made to suggest that they submit to your production. If you are producing a show you can recruit artists, for free, with our help!

◾Proud of an accomplishment? Having trouble with a visual arts project? Post a BLOG for everyone to see, and help you with!

◾Upload photos and videos to your personal profile to share with the greater STL arts community! Public Events- Check out this fantastic brief video here ---!

◾ is currently producing monthly juried '33' art exhibitions. You can find the CFA on 'STL CALLS FOR ARTISTS'. All submissions are to be sent via email. Since we do produce professional gallery showings every month, we do not post a deadline on our CFAs. All art will be approved and rejected as received. All artists will be notified one way or the other. When an artist is approved but we have no room for the current month, that artist will be invited, via email notification, to exhibit in our following month's exhibition.

◾We welcome repeat exhibiting artists!

◾Please click here for produced event photos!

◾'33'series of juried exhibitions never take a commission from our hard working artists.

◾We are a website so the fastest way to get a hold of us is through our email, or you can instant message through our network. V. 314.222.9124

◾ is proud to be continuing to grow rapidly, we will be producing & sponsoring more visual arts events soon! is very proud of our hardworking Board Of Directors

Executive Director - Jenny Churchill

Secretary & Director- Nick Dunne

Carrie Griffith

Thomas Fleming

Jamie Jessop

Jen Hahn

Ritika Bergfeld

'>MySLART's '33 January' - Shirt Kong Productions from '>Shirt Kong on Vimeo.