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“Recovering,” a documentary chronicling how bicycling help troops heal wounds.


Imagine a diverse audience — some with family ties to the military; others without — sitting in the same room to see a film about troops healing their wounds. Imagine a conversation about war-caused post-traumatic stress and brain injuries and learning that PTSD and TBI are challenges that can be overcome. Imagine a conversation about how to help the troops come home from war.

Because that conversation is needed, we filmed “Recovering,” about troops healing the wounds of war.

In the past year, we’ve heard you are excited. We’ve heard you and your groups want to bring “Recovering” to your town because it is time to welcome the troops home and help them heal.

Imagine helping us finish an important film that tells how veterans are healing the wounds of war because its time to welcome the troops home. For a donation of $100 you will help us finish the film and we will put your name - or the name of a loved one - in the credits as a thank you.

This is a grassroots effort and we need your help. Visit our website to see the trailer!