The 'Commercialized' Project

A campaign by Luis

The 'Commercialized' Project

My name's Luis, and I plan to travel to Mexico with a camera, an audience, and a story...

Here in America, everything you need on a daily basis to be in the status-quo is within arms reach, not even... more like within eye sight. We are a commercialized culture, that's what represents us, that's what makes up our economy and our driving force, that's what others imagine of us when they think of America! ...Or is it?

A friend and I have decided to put together a small documentary while traveling other countries, receiving actual unedited feedback as to how America is looked upon from the outside, how it's economy is being picked up on in other societies, and how our personal favorites like the 'five-dollar footlong' have major-marketed it's way into ancient cities of Mexico... more importantly, how the residents of said countries feel about it all.

We are asking for a small donation to get us started and we will be paying for most of the trip ourselves, as to abstain from massive spending and over-shooting it.

We will be taking the bare essentials with us on the trip, and hiking from Mexico City, to Brazil covering everywhere in between documentary-style, only editing out violence and illegal matters for the viewer's discretion.

Once the primary stage of the documentary is complete and hopefully we raise enough funds to keep it moving to stage two, we will have daily video updates as well as live feed from our travels.

So we hope you are as interested as we are in seeing the world unfiltered, unedited, and un-commercialized.